How to Tell If a Pokie Machine Is Going to Pay

Every gambling lover wonders at least once how they can increase their chances of winning. Is there some rule-of-thumb that applies to pokie machines? Well, best online pokies Australia review at claim they know how to win big. In reality, if they really knew, then we all would be millionaires. However, I will list some tactics that you can adopt before you decide to wager your real money.

Choose Wisely

If you want to increase your chances of winning, you should always look out for those pokie machines which offer higher payouts.Therefore, in order to do that, you should be familiar with the return to player values of each slot. Basically, the RTP takes all the wagered money and determines the percentage which will be returned to players in the long run. According to some reports, poker machines in Australia have a return to player of 85–90%. This means that a particular casino keeps 10—15% of wagered money, while they return the remaining percentage to their players.

Needless to say, you should look out for those pokies that have a higher return to player rate.

Slot Volatility

Slot volatility is another crucial concept in the gambling world. Namely, every poker machine entails a certain amount of risk. The volatility shows that risk level — that is, if there is any risk in playing a certain slot.

Furthermore, there is low and high volatility. If you come across a pokie machine with low volatility, then you can be confident that you will land more wins. However, there is a catch here as well. Namely, low-risk levels come with smaller payouts.

Slot Volatility concept

On the other hand, some casinos have pokies with high volatility. Players do know what kind of risk comes with them. Namely, they will win only once in a while. However, there is a silver lining here. If and when they win, they will get higher cashout.

Therefore, you would need to pick between the two choices. Many avoid the high volatility pokie machines. But if you are a high roller who likes to live on the edge, then these should be your obvious choice.

Place Bigger Bets

Let’s be real. Higher payouts are results of higher wagers.

Therefore, if you are willing to risk it, you should know that you could also lose more money. However, as soon as you land a win and see the money flowing in, you’ll not regret anything.

If you are a progressive jackpot lover, then this section is the right one for you. Specifically, in order to increase your odds for it, you need to place the highest bets. Then, you’ll be at least one step closer to winning the jackpot. But don’t forget — you play at your own risk.

Go for the “Underdog”

Apart from informing yourself on the pokie volatility and placing higher bets, you should spend some time finding those pokie machines which are not as popular among players.

Therefore, play pokies wisely! All the good things in life are difficult to find. Hence, you should apply the same principle to gambling. If a casino promotes a pokie everywhere using flashy advertisements, then you probably don’t stand a chance.

If you find a slot that has a good RTP and volatility, but a casino does not promote it like the others, then go for it without any regrets. Such obscure slots often pay out more and are more exciting.

These are some of the strategies you can explore before selecting your pokie machine. However, you shouldn’t base your whole approach on them.

A Brief History of Our Favourite Pastime

Sittman and Pitt developed the first slot machine in 1891 in the US. Their invention was quite popular, and a lot of people who haunted various bars tried it out.

And why wouldn’t they? You would just sit in front of a machine, sip some cold beer, add a nickel, and pull a lever. And off you went. But unlike in modern times, the players could not win money back then. Namely, some combinations would get you a free beer, whereas some would get you cigarettes. But as local pubs feared loses, they used to remove two things — the jack of hearts and the ten of spades. They did everything to spoil the player’s chances of winning. Nonetheless, it was probably more satisfying to succeed if you knew that your odds of winning were reduced in the first place.

Advances in the Industry

The gambling industry was rapidly developing and changing. Therefore, this called for new pokie machines that would accept bigger bets and cash out more money.

Furthermore, players could enjoy pokie machines just by pressing their buttons. Following this, manufacturers decided to add more themes that would attract players. Seeing people’s interest, casinos began to include slot machines more and more.

The Rise of Online Gambling

The Rise of Online Gambling

The mid-90s saw the rise of online casinos. They started with blackjack and roulette, and gradually began including slots. This proved to be the right decision, as slot games enjoyed the same amount of popularity as they did in land-based casinos.

Because of technology, the developers were able to include a variety of themes and launch as many types of games as possible. Today, you can choose pokies which have mainstream themes and a wide range of different symbols. And unlike those unfortunate players who could play only for a drink or a cigar, now, you can play for money and enjoy incentives and endless bonus rounds all from the comfort of your own home.


According to the Guardian, Aussies cannot get enough of pokie machines and will only increase their number in years to come.

Frankly, how can we resist them? They make time fly by and provide an adrenaline rush that keeps us moving. If we want to be certain that we will strike a win, we can come up with different approaches. However, in the end, who can promise us that they will be successful?

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